Be Kind to Yourself

Am I a bit late with my New Year posting?!

You may not be surprised to hear that I feel sluggish in January, it takes me a while to come round after 2 weeks away from work. I completely switch off and enjoy the break. As a family we mainly share the tasks of Christmas, although I do heavily feature in the present buying department. We share housework, cooking, present wrapping and tidying up. I decided I wasn’t going to run myself into the ground taking on everything, not my idea of fun.

As I sit at my desk, I am taking my time to get motivated, I have my Himalayan salt lamp glowing away and my essential oils diffuser giving off lots of lovely scents of rosemary, peppermint and lemon – hoping it will help me with focus, concentration and memory! I have a Christmas voucher for a massage – all ready to be booked and enjoyed. I am not beating myself up about getting everything done this week. (The children only just went back to school today after all!) I spent yesterday creating a Vision Board with two colleagues – cutting and sticking lots of images and words that inspire me – I didn’t dwell on the whys and wherefores, I just got on with it and felt better for it.

I think what I am getting at is that I have spent a lot of time in the past making sure I had my survival package in place, a group of people I can call on in a professional capacity to get me through – therapists, business support professionals, coaches, yoga teachers etc – people I can rely upon, I don’t have to think too hard, I know I can contact them to get me through, whatever.

This is what the Choice Indulgence Evenings are all about – bringing together people you can call upon for support whenever you need it, as well as feeling pampered and looked after.

So join us for our next event at The KP Club, Pocklington for therapies, treatments, gorgeous products and supportive, interesting workshops. It could be the best 20 quid you spend this year. All treatments, workshops and a glass of fizz are included.

Line Up:
– Indian Head Massage or Arm/Hand Massage with Emma (Holistic Arts Yorkshire)
– Essential Oil Experience, try oils 3 ways with Tricia (Experience Essentials)
– Alexander technique session with Jane (Jane Clappison, Alexander Technique Therapy)
– Reiki session with Biddie (B Fitness & Wellbeing)
– Semi-permanent make up consultation with Lauren (Lauren Cook Micropigmentation)
– Acupuncture consultation with Lisa (Wolds Acupuncture)
– Kinesiology session with Claire (Bizvits)
– Skincare Consultation with Charlotte (The Beauty Room)
– Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage with Susannah (Susannah Stuart Massage)
– Magnetix Jewellery with Kate Bunney
– Jewellery Workshops with Helen (Silver & Stone Jewellery Design)
– Forever Living Products with Jane Jackson

‘Leaping the Oh Shit Dip’ a taster on how to get unstuck and live” with Siobhan & Tina
“How to create a stronger core and pelvic floor, and why it’s important?” with Biddie
“Using Kinesiology in your everyday life” with Claire


Ticket Link:

Supporting Yourself Everyday with Aromatherapy

Many of you know that my support package is very important to me, a group of professionals I can turn to, to get support. I dip into counselling, massage, reiki, craft workshops and exercise to help me feel better when things are tough (and not so tough).

But, what about everyday, what do we do when our next massage is 2 weeks away or the craft workshop is a month off. How do we keep going?

I have found essential oils and aromatherapy really helpful. I have diffused, burned oils and candles, added oils to my bath and massaged oils into my temple and sprayed oils onto my pillow. I hadn’t really realised I used them quite so much until I wrote it down! Wow, they are important to me. I love the aroma around me and the change in atmosphere when I have a candle burning or a diffuser spilling out lots of lovely steam. I have been doing some reading and I am beginning to understand what happens when we breath in or absorb these lovely aromas, what happens in our brain and our body and it’s fascinating.

Over the past few years I have been to workshops which included the uses of essential oils – how to use them in the home, how to use them to support ourselves emotionally etc and I have also been to workshops where candle making was part of the activities. So I have married the two together and produced some lovely aromatherapy tealight candles – 3 in total: Unwind – a relaxing blend of lavender and geranium, Uplift – a refreshing blend of lemon and peppermint and finally Balance – a blend of ylang ylang, petitgrain, geranium and bergamot supporting hormonal balance. At the moment 7 friends and colleagues are testing them out for me. I am already thinking about tweaking them before the feedback comes in! I am keen for them to smell great.

I use therapeutic grade, organic oils and eco soy wax, I have found tealights burn best when they are in metal or glass containers, so I have selected some simple, pleasing containers (and for my larger candles also). The soy wax gives a warmer glow and the tealights burn for over 4 hours.

So what next, when I get my feedback in, I will have be making my first batch for sale (I am already gathering ideas for nurturing, loving blends for Valentines Day!). So keep your eyes peeled for them appearing on my Facebook page and elsewhere.

On a final note a great wellness event (my third) is coming up in March, the Choice Indulgence evening – an all ticket event limited to 40 people. So grab your ticket using the link below, a great way to support yourself.