Choice Indulgence Evening Invite

I wanted you to be among the first to know…..

and it’s on International Women’s Day

As many of you were among the lovely people who came along to my previous wellness event, I wanted to let you know about the next one!

This one is a little different, one for the adults, fabulous treatments (which you can book), interesting workshops, a glass of something sparkling and some canapes.

So what can you expect?

I will greet you as you arrive, ensure you know what’s going on in the evening, go through your bookings and answer any questions. You can pick up your drink and something to nibble (or pop back later, there is plenty for everyone).

Then you can be guided by your appointment and workshop times, and follow your nose!

So what kind of treatments and products can you expect to experience?
Available for you:
Mini-massage treatments
Reiki consultations
Perfume consultations
An Essential Oils Specialist
Mini Beauty Treatments – have a mini manicure or brow shape
Access bars treatments
Jewellery – watch and take part in demonstrations and chat to our jewellery specialist
Have a mini soul plan

Pop along to our workshops on yoga, meditation and your inner beauty…..

and there is more to come.

I’ll be in touch again, in the mean time, grab your ticket (there is a discount if you bring a friend!).

You won’t regret it

Juliet x

Click here to book your ticket:

Supporting Yourself Everyday with Aromatherapy

Many of you know that my support package is very important to me, a group of professionals I can turn to, to get support. I dip into counselling, massage, reiki, craft workshops and exercise to help me feel better when things are tough (and not so tough).

But, what about everyday, what do we do when our next massage is 2 weeks away or the craft workshop is a month off. How do we keep going?

I have found essential oils and aromatherapy really helpful. I have diffused, burned oils and candles, added oils to my bath and massaged oils into my temple and sprayed oils onto my pillow. I hadn’t really realised I used them quite so much until I wrote it down! Wow, they are important to me. I love the aroma around me and the change in atmosphere when I have a candle burning or a diffuser spilling out lots of lovely steam. I have been doing some reading and I am beginning to understand what happens when we breath in or absorb these lovely aromas, what happens in our brain and our body and it’s fascinating.

Over the past few years I have been to workshops which included the uses of essential oils – how to use them in the home, how to use them to support ourselves emotionally etc and I have also been to workshops where candle making was part of the activities. So I have married the two together and produced some lovely aromatherapy tealight candles – 3 in total: Unwind – a relaxing blend of lavender and geranium, Uplift – a refreshing blend of lemon and peppermint and finally Balance – a blend of ylang ylang, petitgrain, geranium and bergamot supporting hormonal balance. At the moment 7 friends and colleagues are testing them out for me. I am already thinking about tweaking them before the feedback comes in! I am keen for them to smell great.

I use therapeutic grade, organic oils and eco soy wax, I have found tealights burn best when they are in metal or glass containers, so I have selected some simple, pleasing containers (and for my larger candles also). The soy wax gives a warmer glow and the tealights burn for over 4 hours.

So what next, when I get my feedback in, I will have be making my first batch for sale (I am already gathering ideas for nurturing, loving blends for Valentines Day!). So keep your eyes peeled for them appearing on my Facebook page and elsewhere.

On a final note a great wellness event (my third) is coming up in March, the Choice Indulgence evening – an all ticket event limited to 40 people. So grab your ticket using the link below, a great way to support yourself.


First ‘Proper’ Day Back

I don’t know about you, but I came down to earth with a mighty bump this morning, I was lucky enough to be able to gradually start my first day back at work, culminating in me landing at my desk for 10:20am to a chilly office, where the wifi was on go slow, no doubt a hangover from the holidays when the technology had a go at hibernating also! I opened my chromebook to lots of emails needing attention and emails to send out.

I had to get started as all my brimming over intentions from December needed attention. In my line of work December can be a quiet month when I can do lots of planning and dreaming (and Christmas shopping of course!).

Some of my ideas need thought, amending, binning or full scale action – yes!

That’s why I love running my supportive groups.

If I could recommend just one thing it would be my Setting Your Intentions Workshop, a space for you to acknowledge your successes, dream big about the year ahead (using some of Leonie Dawson’s great ideas) and leave with action points and excitement about your plans, ideas and projects.

So get yourself booked on and get you and your business moving in 2017.

If you would like more information on this or some of my other business support events.
Email me: 2 Comments Business, Self care

Making it More Accessible


It’s so important to take some time and space for you and your business to learn, acknowledge your progress and get support.

We have a whole range of business support events at Pure Zest Business Hub to do just that. I know from personal experience as a business owner that it is time consuming looking at each workshop, event etc. checking your diary, paying for it and so on.

To help you, I have packaged up the different options, so you only have to check your diary once, and pay once.

Through the first 3 months of the 2017, Choice Business Support is hosting 3 masterminding sessions, a motivator session, one to one Thrive sessions, a seminar and 2 workshops.

There are 3 packages:

In all 3 packages you sign up for:
The Masterminding group, this includes all 3 sessions for being part of that group
(Dates: 11 Jan, 8 Feb, 8 March – 9:30-11am)

In addition to the Masterminding:

Motivational Interviewing in Business Seminar (15 Feb 9:30 – 12:30)
One of the two workshops – either Setting your Intentions (18 Jan 10-12) OR Bringing Hygge into Your Business (2 Feb 10-12)
Motivator Session (22 March 10-12)
Thrive session (1 x 30 minutes)

If taken individually all these events would add up to £125, if you buy them as a package and pay by Tuesday 10 January 7pm there will be just £100 to pay. I call that great value for insight, knowledge, support and gaining perspective.

In addition to the Masterminding:

Motivational Interviewing in Business Seminar (15 Feb – 9:30 – 12:30)
Motivator Session (22 March 10 – 12)
Thrive session (1 x 30 minutes)

If taken individually all these events would add up to £105, if you buy them as a package and pay by Tuesday 10 January 7pm there will be just £90 to pay. I call that great value for insight, knowledge, support and gaining perspective.

In addition to the Masterminding:

One of the two workshops – either Setting your Intentions (18 Jan 10 -12) OR Bringing Hygge into Your Business (2 Feb 10 – 12)
Motivator Session (22 March 10 -12)
Thrive session (1 x 30 minutes)

If taken individually all these events would add up to £90, if you buy them as a package and pay by Tuesday 10 January 7pm there will be just £80 to pay. I call that great value for insight, knowledge, support and gaining perspective.

So grab your diary or smartphone and get them booked in.
For an at a glance, up to date guide to all my business support events go to my Business Support Page.

Click the buttons below to book and find out more about the business packages.

If you would like more information you can reply to this email or ring me on 07910 237983.

All the very best

PS If you would like to take advantage of this offer alongside the Business Support Group sessions (instead of Masterminding) please get in touch.

It’s the final line up…..!

For those of you old enough to remember: sung to the tune of ‘It’s the Final Countdown’ by Europe! Juliet Powell Choice Therapy

It’s just three weeks away until the Choice Therapy, Community Health & Wellness Fair in the great space at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church in Acomb, York. Saturday 15th October 1pm – 3:30pm – Tickets: Adults £2 Children- free

Helping local people talk to and support local health & wellness businesses.

I always think it’s nice to know a little about who will be there, think who you would like to talk to, think about the workshops you would like to attend. So here goes:

Choice Therapy – I expect you have worked out that I will be there with a stand and mini-workshop, there’s a lot in the media around building resilience in children and with good reason, pick up tips, ideas and chat about what could work for you (an introduction to my full workshop later in October) plus information about other workshops and working one to one with me and information about the Parent Social. (plus I support small business owners)

The Happy Healing Hut – Meet Claire at her stand, you can’t miss it, very colourful! She will chat to you about kinesiology and how it can support you and your family. She is is doing a great interactive workshop getting young and old to try out some of the techniques, leaving you feeling better and brighter. She is a knowledgeable and natural speaker and one not to be missed.

The Body Shop at Home – You will get a lovely waft of the Body Shop goodies Wendy is bringing to the Fair (perhaps a bit of early Christmas shopping, eek!). Also Wendy will be offering donation based mini-taster facials, hand and arm massages and eye liner application techniques. Some great discounts.

NRG Healing – Lindsay will be at the Fair with her crystals and salt lamps, she is a Reiki teacher, crystal healer and salt lamp seller. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a salt lamp!

Yoga with Alison – Alison is doing one of our popular mini-workshops with the fab title “yoga for knackered parents”, Alison is a firm believer in taking time for yourself and will do some supportive, accessible yoga with you.

Emma Norsworthy – You may remember Emma from my last Fair who did one of our workshops. This time she will have a stand and will spend time with you discussing the Arbonne products and how they can support you.

Laughter with Jude – Eagerly anticipated…. Jude will be doing one of her legendary mini laughter workshops: fun, connecting and hilarious! She also has a stand where you can chat in more detail with her about the laughter therapy, soul plans and much more.

Adela Parzanese – Another gorgeous smelling stand, all those lovely Neal’s Yard essential oils and products. Adela is also doing one of our workshops which sounds intriguing – Organic Family Medicine Cabinet. One not to be missed.

Maxine Forster – You may know Maxine from Horses for Children, however, at the Fair she will be selling gorgeous Nepalese accessories as she fundraises for the people in Nepal after the earthquakes. Scarves, bangles, purses and more (Christmas shopping?!)

3R Restore, Rebalance, Renew – Meet Biddie she will listen, advise and support around Restore, Re balance and Renew, she is a  Mum who has felt the same as many of you. Real mums, Real results. In a pressured society you are expected to hit the gym and get your pre-baby body back instantly like the celebrities. She wants to change that and make changes from the inside out. Be confident in the body you have, strengthen your core and look after yourself, then you will feel and see real results with The PT for Your Tummy.

Rachel Banks – Try out, browse and ask questions about some of the lovely range of Forever Living products. The Sonya skincare serum is one of my favourites! Some more Christmas shopping!

Five Star Hypnotherapy – Ever wondered how hypnotherapy works, how can it help to relax and reduce stress? Anthony will be on hand to explain, answer questions and help with simple techniques to support you.

Viriam Massage – I know from first hand experience how good Jacqueline’s face lift massages are! Ask her about them and many more massage techniques she provides. She is offering mini-treatments and a chance to chat about what she does.

Carole Green – The Colour & Style Coach – I’m not sure how many Fairs can boast a colour coach, however, we have one! Carole specialises in working on the colours and styles that suit you, your skin tone, face shape and body shape – with great effect.

Pure Zest – If you want to find solutions and better ways of working Elaine is your person, she runs Pure Zest with Sharyn and will be at the Fair discussing co-working and ways to work in a cost effective way at the Pure Zest office space.

Anne Gledhill – Anne is a midwife of some experience and now works as an independent midwife. Answering all your questions and supporting you with this stage of your life.

Crafty Corner – Two ambitious local teenagers (one being my daughter!) are offering low cost crafts for your children to have a go at with activities suitable for younger ones such as colouring and drawing to creating friendships bracelets and origami for slightly older ones.

Refreshments – Home baked goodies, healthy snacks and drinks for all the family.

I think you’ll agree that’s quite a line-up.  I can’t wait to meet you.

There will be goody bags for the first 20 people to arrive at the Fair AND there will be a fabulous prize draw as you enter the Fair, all you need to do is pass your email address to us, to be in with a chance of winning.

Have a lovely day