It’s Always Personal…

The reason I became a counsellor, the reason I started running the Indulgence and Self Care Evenings, the reason I began the wellbeing meet ups, the reason I am doing the York Wellbeing Day all come from the place of not wanting people to struggle, not wanting people to not know what is out there to help, not wanting people to be stuck at home feeling hopeless and helpless.

I have been in a place of utter desperation and powelessness and it’s an unpleasant place to be, where people who were supposed to be helping you, dumped you with no support. I was at rock bottom trying to help my children and the therapist backed off, they really needed help and so did I. I decided I would have to learn the techniques needed to help traumatised children, that I would need to learn to take care of myself, to enable myself to look after them. I didn’t know that what I was doing was building a support package, that I was learning how to be a trauma therapist, but that’s what I did.

I bought big, thick text books on play therapy and working with trauma, I drew on everything I had heard the therapist say and set to work on helping my children feel better – I became their therapist, I had set times to work with them, took them out of school for ‘appointments’ with me, because we surely had work to do.

To enable me to do this ‘work’ I had to look after me and I tapped in to yoga, massage therapy, reiki, essential oils, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, counselling, learning a musical instrument and creative crafts.

This is what the Indulgence and self care and craft evenings are all about, giving people choices so they can create their own support package and what the York Wellbeing Day is all about. The events I have done have very much been about women, women have connected with the message and enjoyed the events and accessed choices for them. I would also like to reach men and give them choices to take better care of themselves.

Even after all the hard work, the therapy, the support, the intervention…..

Suicide looms large in our house, it is talked about every day, the damage done by terrible parents has a huge impact on us, despite all the work I did/do as an adoptive parent and therapeutic parent, much damage was done in those early months. Sometimes I have to steal myself to open the bedroom door in the morning and wait until I see signs of breathing and breathe a sigh of relief for another day.

So the work continues and the reasons why I want women AND men to join us at our York Wellbeing Day.

With me, it’s always personal and there’s always a cause to fight for.

Want to get involved with the York Wellbeing Day or other events I have coming up? Give me a shout.

Juliet x

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