Why connect with other wellbeing businesses?

I’ve thought for a while, that you need to be selective about your networking (whatever form that takes). You could end up charging around the county, trying a ton out, forking out hundreds of pounds for the big referral groups and making slow progress.

You need a goal for the networking, if you are hoping for referrals, choose your group wisely.

Networking is not just about referrals, however, it may be that you want to learn about other businesses and how they operate, it maybe that you want to meet new people and have a social element to networking, it may be that you want to meet like-minded people or collaborate. It maybe that you are after training, workshops or business support (or all of the above!)

What ever your reasons, be clear about them. You may join different groups for different reasons. I go to a variety of groups: one group is very supportive, one group has a good social element and one group where I have much clearer business goals.

So why have I started my own wellbeing group?
There are a few reasons actually: I want to meet other people in the industry, I want to work with them through my own business, I think people working as therapists come at business in a different way to many other business owners and I think this group of business owners is unique in many ways. It can be a useful means of support for those of us who work hard to support others therapeutically.

Would you find the group useful?
Do you answer yes to any of the following?
– I work with clients and would find the group supportive
– My ideal client is someone who works in the wellbeing industry.
– I want to collaborate with wellbeing professionals
– I have client referrals I would like to pass on and receive back
– I want a chance to reflect on my business practice
– I would like signposting for business training
– I want support with moving up and on in my business

At the moment the group is free as it gets established, soon we will charge a small fee to facilitate the group – your first meeting is free, so you get a chance to see if it’s for you.

Register here to secure your place in this unique group.


Why do we need a vision?

The truth is, we don’t need a vision, you can live your life without one, moving from one decision to another, paying the bills, continuing in the same way with the same routine and really, there is no harm in that.

Apart from, I think most people harbour a dream: somewhere they want to be, a house they would like, a situation they would like to be in, a car they would like. But what stops them?

Not seeing a path to that dream – it seeming too distant, unobtainable.

I’ll let you in to a secret – I have always wanted to go white water rafting down the Zambezi river, ever since I was a teenager. I went canoeing in southern France (La Ardeche) and we manoeuvred some white water, that planted a seed. As I grew up it was forgotten about……. until this summer I went canoeing with my family on the much more sedate La Vezere, yes it awakened something?

What happened to that dream? Why didn’t I work my way towards it? I guess life got in the way, that year I was finishing college and getting ready to go to university where there were other adventures to be had, then starting work, changing careers, getting married etc etc.

An itch has begun (!) I would like to do it now, while I am still able, navigate the river in high water. However, it’s pretty expensive, I’ve got to get to Zambia, the accommodation, the rafting itself and all the rest.

Apart from I can start building on ideas to get me there, make sure I have the income to pay for the trip, the business to generate an income so I can pay for it. This feels motivating I think I can find a way.

Previously, when I have reached goals and lived out my dreams what have I done before?

Quite simply I have written my goals down, in a nice book, in my best handwriting, and because I have stated my intent, they have all happened in one way or another (except one!). What else have I done? I have created vision boards – quite simply a visual way of displaying where I would like my life to go – who do I want to work with? what hours do I need to do? how many holidays would I like? how would I like to be thought of? what materials things would I like to have? what would I like to earn?

Now, it needs updating, my ambitions, dreams and goals need revising (if I am to get to Zambia).

A great opportunity for me and my motivator group to have a go together, build a vision for our businesses, our lives and our ambitions, just by creating a board or book, supporting each other in the process.

Want to find out more?
email me: juliet@choicetherapyyork.com
Check out the FB event


Supporting You and Your Business

Times of trouble….

I run a small business, in counselling known as a private practice. To be part of my professional body I must have monthly supervision – the role of the supervision is to support me with my work with clients, to challenge my ways of thinking and working, being a counsellor is emotionally demanding and supervision is vital to ensure balance and ethical conduct. I have mentored and managed many people through my role as a counsellor and previously. As the supervisee or mentee it feels great to be supported and thought about and have time dedicated to your professional practice.

Many small business owners do not have a compulsory element of supervision, although they may seek it out to help them.

Having spoken to colleagues, friends and clients it felt like people would like some support either practically or emotionally so in June 2016 I set up 2 groups:

My Motivator Sessions provide an opportunity to discuss areas of your business you are stuck with or would like some clarity with, sometimes we will get into pairs and bounce ideas or talk within the whole group, you will get a chance to research, start or do some planning around the issue, then we will spend some time at the end reflecting or summarising what we want to do next. These sessions are 2 hours long. You will receive a warm welcome, a cuppa and a snack. Find out more

Time: 10am – 12pm

Date: Wednesday 21 September 2016

Place: Pure Zest, Forest Farm Business Park, Fulford, York, YO19 4RH

Tickets: £15

The Choice Therapeutic Support Group began after offering 3 individual workshops to small business owners. The group offers strategies for business owners who would like support continuing their business while dealing with those parts of life outside of their business. It felt like a more regular meeting would be beneficial. The group provides space to look at personal issues and the practicalities of running a business. The sessions are structured to allow you to look at your life and business and support others. A comfortable, supportive, welcoming atmosphere guaranteed!
These sessions are 2 hours long. Find out more
Time: 9:30am – 11:30am
Date: Thursday 29 September 2016
Place: Friends Meeting House, Acomb Green, YO26 5LR
Tickets: £15

I use tried and tested strategies used in counselling and mentoring (with some Choice Therapy zing!) and those who have attended in the past have given me excellent feedback (FEEDBACK). We also have some short exercises to get you thinking and reflecting.

Contact me to reserve your place.