Choice Health & Wellness Events

I love working with people one to one and I love bringing people together! 

I run workshops making gorgeous DIY beauty products and supportive workshops to help people with particular areas in which they would like extra support. To find out more about our workshops click on the events listing to book and get more information.

I run Health & Wellness Events which are a great opportunity to meet a wide range of local therapists in the York area. Sometimes you know you need some support but you don't know what. Or you know you want a particular therapy but you don't know who to chose. Or how to chose. 

There is so much information available online that it can actually be overwhelming, how do you know that someone is as good as their website claims? Choosing a hairdresser or a beauty therapist you can always ask a friend but when it comes to personal health and wellness you might not be able to turn to a friend.

That's why these Health and Wellness events bring together a variety of therapists for you to meet personally. You can even sample some therapies with taster sessions or attend a mini workshop to find out more about certain types of therapies you might not be familiar with like kinesiology or ones you might be wary of like hypnotherapy - does it really work or will you end up dancing like a chicken? You can come along and ask these questions, meet therapists face to face, have a chat and see if they are the right fit for you.

When it comes to choosing a therapist you need someone you feel comfortable with. Whether it's a hands on therapy like massage or acupuncture or sharing your private thoughts through counselling or hypnotherapy its really important that you find the right therapist for you. That's why Choice Therapy offers you that choice. 

What's Coming up?


28jun7:00 pm- 9:30 pmChoice Artisan Craft Evening


13jul9:30 am- 11:30 amFill Your Wellbeing Event Workshop

Maybe you are wondering why?
Why would Juliet want to run wellness events?

Well I love running these events, they have a great buzz, they focus on having proper conversations, practitioners spend time listening, having a conversation about what you really need.  They are local events, and they are jammed with local people running local supportive businesses.

But the real answer is that when my gorgeous adopted children arrived I was struggling, big time! I needed support and help. I more or less pounded the streets and knocked on doors to find support, some was easier to find than others. So my idea is to bring some of these lovely, supportive people together and then you only have to knock on one door and pound one street.

I work hard on achieving the right blend of stall holders, I think carefully about the type of people who I hope will be coming and then I work on inviting the stand-holders and mini-workshop providers and presenters to match up.

Stall holders, many of which I know and trust are focused on getting to know you and recommending how they can help or how you can help yourself. I am very proud of them all.

Love to see you there

Juliet x