Why connect with other wellbeing businesses?

I’ve thought for a while, that you need to be selective about your networking (whatever form that takes). You could end up charging around the county, trying a ton out, forking out hundreds of pounds for the big referral groups and making slow progress.

You need a goal for the networking, if you are hoping for referrals, choose your group wisely.

Networking is not just about referrals, however, it may be that you want to learn about other businesses and how they operate, it maybe that you want to meet new people and have a social element to networking, it may be that you want to meet like-minded people or collaborate. It maybe that you are after training, workshops or business support (or all of the above!)

What ever your reasons, be clear about them. You may join different groups for different reasons. I go to a variety of groups: one group is very supportive, one group has a good social element and one group where I have much clearer business goals.

So why have I started my own wellbeing group?
There are a few reasons actually: I want to meet other people in the industry, I want to work with them through my own business, I think people working as therapists come at business in a different way to many other business owners and I think this group of business owners is unique in many ways. It can be a useful means of support for those of us who work hard to support others therapeutically.

Would you find the group useful?
Do you answer yes to any of the following?
– I work with clients and would find the group supportive
– My ideal client is someone who works in the wellbeing industry.
– I want to collaborate with wellbeing professionals
– I have client referrals I would like to pass on and receive back
– I want a chance to reflect on my business practice
– I would like signposting for business training
– I want support with moving up and on in my business

At the moment the group is free as it gets established, soon we will charge a small fee to facilitate the group – your first meeting is free, so you get a chance to see if it’s for you.

Register here to secure your place in this unique group.


5 thoughts on “Why connect with other wellbeing businesses?

  1. Oooh I love this Juliet and totally agree. I don’t do any traditional “face to face” networking but attend 1 group a month which is a much more supportive network of female business owners across a wide spectrum of sectors all with the aim of support and solving business challenges. Collaboration is brilliant and I really admire your reasons for setting the group up – there’s room for all!

  2. I have only been networking for 9 months now. I stuck with one networking group that I felt comfortable in in order to help my confidence grow and I have learnt so much from that group. Not only about the business side but also the emotional side too of being self employed. I have met so many people that I would never have met had I decided to stay at home. I have recently branched out to another networking group which also feels right for me at this moment. I made a comment last week that I feel as if I am currently talking more about what I do than doing, but I love it! You make some great relationships with people. I would highly recommend to anyone in business.

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