Choice Survival Anxiety Package

Chewed Up & Spat Out

The word journey is often used, however, we can’t escape it, life is a journey where we reach crossroads and take different paths. I have often talked about my children, my path to bring them home, adopt them, help them and move them into their teenage years. Now I finally have some time to reflect on what has gone before and consider who I have become as a result of my experiences. There is no doubt I experienced depression, there is no doubt I had secondary trauma and now I consider what I am left with…………


I had the symptoms all along, not wanting to go out, not wanting to meet people, not wanting to visit anywhere new, finding it difficult to talk to people, not going far from home, experiencing a churning stomach, tight chest, nausea when the phone rang, cancelling social invitations and so on. I was experiencing social anxiety, I had been chewed up by my experiences and spat out, left with these anxious feelings.

Finding Support

I found great ways and people to support me, I knew I needed help and found it, through the difficulties I was determined to continue with my life and my business so I had to call on professionals to keep me going. I needed a Survival Package, a list of people I knew would help – counsellors, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, craft workshops, support groups, essential oils, self help books etc etc

How can I help?

I created my own blended approach of therapy; services and activities that supported me. I have always been an advocate of the holistic approach, treating mind and body as one, knowing that ill health in one area affected the other. After my experiences both personally and professionally I offer a blended approach to the therapy I offer.

Counselling – I have 5 years experience of counselling working with adults on loss, change, trauma and anxiety. I have an Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling from Leeds Trinity University.

Hypnotherapy – I have 5 years experience of hypnotherapy used in conjunction with counselling to aid relaxation, work with phobias and anxiety. Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling skills from Leeds Trinity University.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – There are lots of great techniques available from CBT which I employ from workshops and training courses I have attended.

Relaxation Techniques – I use relaxation as part of the sessions, some people don’t feel comfortable using hypnotherapy so I employ relaxation into the sessions by using relaxation scripts to help you relax at the end of the session and go out and face the world at the end of the sessions.

Essential Oils – I use a diffuser to help aid relaxation in the sessions and can advise on using essential oils at home. I have attended workshops to support this knowledge.

We also build in affirmations, mindfulness and meditation as and when it is needed.

The beauty of this whole approach is that we can tailor it to you, leave out what isn’t needed and add others where they are.

You commit to 6 sessions (we can add to it if needed) and I commit to helping you create your survival package so when the sessions are finished you have something to refer to when needed. Bespoke, tailored to you.

The 6 sessions are £330 which is £55 for each session, available to pay in installments. Great value when you think how much all these elements cost when taken separately.

Get in touch for your FREE 15 minute consultation or forward this blog/email to a friend you think may need some help.

There is help out there



Supporting Yourself Everyday with Aromatherapy

Many of you know that my support package is very important to me, a group of professionals I can turn to, to get support. I dip into counselling, massage, reiki, craft workshops and exercise to help me feel better when things are tough (and not so tough).

But, what about everyday, what do we do when our next massage is 2 weeks away or the craft workshop is a month off. How do we keep going?

I have found essential oils and aromatherapy really helpful. I have diffused, burned oils and candles, added oils to my bath and massaged oils into my temple and sprayed oils onto my pillow. I hadn’t really realised I used them quite so much until I wrote it down! Wow, they are important to me. I love the aroma around me and the change in atmosphere when I have a candle burning or a diffuser spilling out lots of lovely steam. I have been doing some reading and I am beginning to understand what happens when we breath in or absorb these lovely aromas, what happens in our brain and our body and it’s fascinating.

Over the past few years I have been to workshops which included the uses of essential oils – how to use them in the home, how to use them to support ourselves emotionally etc and I have also been to workshops where candle making was part of the activities. So I have married the two together and produced some lovely aromatherapy tealight candles – 3 in total: Unwind – a relaxing blend of lavender and geranium, Uplift – a refreshing blend of lemon and peppermint and finally Balance – a blend of ylang ylang, petitgrain, geranium and bergamot supporting hormonal balance. At the moment 7 friends and colleagues are testing them out for me. I am already thinking about tweaking them before the feedback comes in! I am keen for them to smell great.

I use therapeutic grade, organic oils and eco soy wax, I have found tealights burn best when they are in metal or glass containers, so I have selected some simple, pleasing containers (and for my larger candles also). The soy wax gives a warmer glow and the tealights burn for over 4 hours.

So what next, when I get my feedback in, I will have be making my first batch for sale (I am already gathering ideas for nurturing, loving blends for Valentines Day!). So keep your eyes peeled for them appearing on my Facebook page and elsewhere.

On a final note a great wellness event (my third) is coming up in March, the Choice Indulgence evening – an all ticket event limited to 40 people. So grab your ticket using the link below, a great way to support yourself.


There’s Science Behind Self-Care

I read an interesting article this morning and I thought I would pick out the interesting bits to share with you. The original article was aimed at therapists who work with clients who have experienced significant trauma. It was extolling the virtues of self-care for the therapists. I can see how the explanation could be relevant for so many people, so this is my take. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

We know that self-care is talked about a lot, we are encouraged to look after ourselves, take time out, and have some ‘me time’. It feels indulgent, maybe even a waste of money, however, what follows may change your mind.

In order for me to function at a high level for my family and work, I need a support package, a support framework in order to operate at those high standards, this translates as my ‘me time’.

It is no accident that many of the self care experiences we enjoy most, are things that link us to childhood experiences of nurturing – such as hugs, massage and being read to (and in my case chatting to a trusted person).

So we have to take action, we can’t ‘think’ ourselves into better self care, it’s about taking action. These actions support the healthy function of the lower parts of the brain. A lot of self care does not involve words it is something we ‘experience’ and these experiences are usually body based and help us to feel safe and well and support our brains and body experience regulation. (control, management)

If our brain and body feel regulated, we feel calm and vice versa. Being able to stay calm through the use of regular self-care enables us to think more clearly and deal with all that life throws at us and in my case deal with the people I encounter in my business and life.

A one off experience is not going to cut it, in order to build strong habits of self care and therefore a stronger brain (with strong neural connections) we need repetition (this is the same for all activities). A one off class or treatment is lovely, however, it won’t make a significant difference to our wellbeing, we need lots of practice!

Someone else may recommend a course of action, a type of therapy, a class. You are unique and have unique needs for your self care blend or package. My ‘package’ consists of a monthly massage, a monthly reiki session, twice a week fitness class, regular meet ups with like minded business owners, regular bubble baths, regular craft workshops, yoga sessions and hugging my children. Yours may well be zumba, reading, shopping and meditation!

I feel a seasonal snowflake analogy coming up! Like snowflakes we are unique, vary in size but are all beautiful. So do yourself the best favour ever, you owe your body, brain and ability to feel calm to your self-care.

Self-care enables me to do the job I love and take care of the family I love. It doesn’t bear thinking about where we would be without it.

If you would like to work with me or find out more about Choice Therapy, please visit my website, lots coming up in 2017. My next big event is the Choice Indulgence Evening on 8th March.

Take care
Juliet x

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