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I had no intention of taking virtually the whole summer off work but it does seem to have been like that! I continued to see clients, however, my workshops, socials and Fair planning had a break and it was great (if a little trying!) to spend time with my family and get away on holiday and a few camping trips thrown in.

I hope your summer went well, I must admit half way through I started to struggle, it seemed so long until my children went back to school and we had already had our main holiday and the summer stretched out in front of us, with a bit of support and asking for help and an unplanned camping trip we did make it through and now they are back.

So now, I am back full of great ideas and plans which my break helped me to give consideration to and see a way forward with the socials and workshops.

I am very pleased that I have at last found a more permanent location for the Parent Socials, I loved meeting everyone in the great local cafes (and there’s no reason why we can’t sometimes still do that) but I did feel that some people couldn’t be so open, as there were other people around, also moving the day and location meant some people couldn’t keep track of when and where it was. A stroke of luck meant I contacted the Friends Meeting House in Acomb (very close to me) and asked if I could use a room there and it has all come together. I am also hoping to use the venue for my workshops there too in the future. Click the link below to find out more:
Parent Socials

The second Choice Therapy – Health & Wellness Fair is also well underway. I am really pleased we are at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church in Acomb, York. We are having a Saturday afternoon fair aimed at parents and families with therapists, practitioners, wellness product providers, mini workshops and talks all there to support you and your family. We already have massage, yoga, reiki, kinesiology, essential oils, colour consultation, spiritual healing, counselling, parent support, aromatherapy, laughter therapy, crystals and lots more. Your chance to have proper conversations, listen to experienced wellness providers, try out treatments, have a cuppa and a chat. Entry is £2 for adults and children are free. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Fair.

Date: Saturday 15th October
Time: 1pm-3:30pm
Place: Lidgett Grove Methodist Church, Wheatlands Grove, York, YO26 5NH
Tickets: Adults – £2 Children – Free
(If you would like a stand get in touch to find out how to reserve your place, there are only a few remaining)

Choice Therapy have launched the 2016 -2017 workshop programme supporting parents of tweens (8+) and teens. Our first workshop is on supporting ourselves and our children with starting secondary school and is on 30 September in my airy attic room on Wetherby Road, Acomb. These workshops are small, supportive, informative, helpful and empowering.
See the link below to my website to find out more:

If you could do with a session or 2, one to one with me, talking in confidence about your life, family or situation, get in touch to arrange a 1 hour session – help lighten the load, get something off your chest, find out what support is available. Talk to someone who understands and gets it.
email me on:

So I think you are up to date now, get in touch if you want more information or just to say hello.

Have a great September
Juliet x

Really excited about the next Health & Wellness Fair

The next Fair will be on Saturday 15th October 1pm-3:30pm at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church in Acomb. It’s a great venue with free parking and easily accessible from the A64 and A1237.

This autumn fair will be a little different the previous one. The target audience is young families, so I am keen to attract therapists, wellness product providers and activity providers who cater for this market either the parents or the children (or both). If you know anyone who may be interested please forward this to them. I would also love the business owners to be from North Yorkshire and be locally owned where possible.

There are 18 stalls available (£20 each) and five 20 minute mini-workshops or taster sessions (£10 each). I am keen, as previously to have a blend of different stalls and mini-workshops that would appeal to the those attending, to maintain interest, that’s really important.

Thanks to those that have already shown an interest, I’ll be in touch soon with more information.

To express your interest please drop me an email using the link below:

All the very best for the rest of the summer.

Juliet x

Adoption and the Olympics – inspiration from ignorance

It’s made the news – in a big way, this fantastic gymnast, Simone Biles, is adopted (I didn’t know that and nor do I need to, but I do now!) her grandparents adopted her, known as kinship adoption.

Controversially, NBC announcer Al Trautwig tweeted “they may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents” and what this highlighted for me is the complexities of adoptive families, who is and isn’t a ‘real’ parent, ‘real’ dad, ‘real’ sister etc etc

For me it brought up the most common question I get asked about my children – “are they related?” “are they proper brother and sister?” I’m not offended by it and I know many people are making conversation and trying to find out a bit more information etc.

While we were away on holiday this year, my son said to me “we are not related” (he and I) it didn’t upset me but it did give me useful insight as to what may be going on in his head and brought up an interesting conversation (and genetically he has a point!).

You won’t be surprised to hear that I think your parents and family are those that support you, spend time with you, take care of you, do all the day to day looking after – the meals, the washing, the taking to school, the medical appointments, the love that all children need as they grow up. But the complexities cannot be ignored, there is a complex structure to family for adopted and looked after children – the birth family, the adoptive family, the foster family (and often all three), relationships with social workers, support workers and therapists – all important adults.

Our society has more complex family structures than perhaps in years gone by with blended families, and step-parenting common place, perhaps families that are built in this way can relate to what I am saying (I am a step-parent too!).

So perhaps the next time someone asks me if my children are ‘related’, I will just say we are a family like any other and leave it at that.

What is fantastic is that now I know this brilliant woman is adopted I can say to my children “you can do it too” despite or in spite of your rough start you can be successful too and maybe it will drive you further.

Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday.

Juliet x

I run workshops to support parents of tweens and teens and work one to one with parents.

Oh what a Fair, oh what a show!

What a fabulous evening and what amazing feedback both from exhibitors and those who came along. Thanks so much to everyone. After the great feedback, I plan to run more – retaining the intimacy, the supportive feel, the welcome, the wholesome refreshments and the positive vibe.

So I’ve got my ear to the ground for potential venues and ways to reach different groups of people. I am looking at the possibility of running a Fair aimed at young families. So watch this space….

I have also set up the Choice Therapeutic Network which as well as keeping everyone up to date on future Fairs and events I run, it also provides a supportive environment for some of the small business owners I have worked with in one form or another, from workshops, motivation sessions to one to one counselling/mentoring sessions. I know only too well what a tricky balancing act it is to run a business and personal life.

I learnt so much from organising the Fair, my reasons for running one, balancing the needs of the stall holders, workshop providers and visitors, ensuring everyone felt comfortable AND the goody bags were a big hit….!

Below, is some of the feedback I received from the Fair, which makes for great reading, and all those who took part can give themselves a well deserved pat on the back.

All the best

Juliet x

Therapeutic Network          Parent Workshops           Monthly Motivator


Here is some of the great feedback I received from the Fair:

“Thank you Juliet Powell for hosting a lovely event last night, the Choice Therapy Health & Wellness Fair at Pure Zest. It is so good to connect with like minded people and support each other on our individual paths”

“Fabulous night at the first Choice Therapy Health & Wellness event. Met loads of fabulous people! Huge thanks to the fantastic Juliet Powell for making it all happen.”

“Great event! Well done and thank you Juliet Powell”

“Thanks for a lovely evening. Much enjoyed”

“Thank you for a fabulous evening….extremely well organised and really interesting…I’ll look forward to the next one!!”

“I loved the mini-workshops, you should run more of those -why didn’t you do one?!”

What Impact Does Stress Have on Teenagers?

You don’t need to read the papers to get an idea that our children are under greater pressure than at any other time (we can see it for ourselves), the stressors are ramped up from a variety of quarters. You only need to look at the greater number of exams they need to sit and that many are sitting them at a younger age and to a greater complexity, the SATS in year 6 are more complex than ever before, GCSE’s in many schools begin in year 9 with options made in year 8 and that’s before we get to AS & A levels (or equivalent).

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